Each one of us has definitely gone through something that has made us what we are today. Either Good, bad, demotivated or inspirational. I truly believe in this aspect of human psychology.

Coming up to who I am? A human who gets mesmerised by cultures, places, people and stories. My life makes more sense when I am experiencing something unique every day. If I describe myself using a few words- an outgoing introvert, messily creative, loves to travel and capture life as it goes! You can connect with me on Instagram

Everything Counts

Back in Udaipur, I grew up watching the Discovery channel over cartoon network most of the time. All of it helped me evolve into a very good listener and a curious soul.

I remember aspiring to be a doctor when I was in 4th grade, soon reality hit hard and I couldn’t wait to opt Commerce (that too without maths) for my high school studies. By the end of which I realised that the freedom to travel requires time and most importantly a decent bank balance. Unfortunately, not much job options were available for people wanting to travel and earn. So, I thought to become a travel blogger. But with time, this didn’t really convert into my ulterior vision.

I have got the zeal to travel and the creative side of my Dad who is an avid traveller and art collector. My parents raised me in the most liberal and honest ways. They never really stopped me from doing my own thing or making my own mistakes! I am grateful & proud of that.

In fact, the only regret I have is not being able to pursue a degree in Media & Communication, which I always wanted to. Yet I try to take out the positive from all my bad decisions.

Connecting the dots!

Opting for a degree in Business Management has been a blessing in disguise for me! During the course of my graduate studies at Daly College Business School, I was fortunate enough to come across a versatile group of lecturers and an opportunity to experience the British educational system in collaboration with De Montfort University, Leicester. The two-year experience in Central India set my mind to get into the dynamic world of business & entrepreneurship. 

No doubt we have made ourselves the slave of a materialistic lifestyle. The world runs on trading, businesses, brands and services. There is no one to blame and all we can do is align with the process, create fun jobs that matter both to the employee and client and make our existence count

Create | Inspire | Entertain

With the innovation of digital marketing, the definition of marketing and internet changed over time and in front of our eyes. Especially the way entrepreneurship has been globally scaling, many Indian institutes are also trying to reform their teaching style for the better. It beautifully opened up doors for individuals to do something apart from the saturated mediocre fields (no offence intended).

Experience wise, I haven’t yet done anything. But at the back of my mind, I think, just like everyone even I have a purpose to fulfil. I aspire to expand my Dad’s Exclusive Art Gallery business based in Udaipur and also work on my own start-up idea created for people like me who want to travel with a purpose!

For which, I am seeking out for creative individuals like travel artists, content creators, writers, photographers, cinematographers, video editors etc. at any stage of their careers. 

The only thing needed is passion & desire to create something out of reality. If you are one of them or know anybody who I can collaborate with, please connect with me over Instagram.

Realising that in today’s world, all you need is to learn and develop a skill to sustain. I landed up choosing Hyderabad as my base to start off with my Digital Marketing career and I am loving it. Credits to Digital Ready! Marketing is something that everyone and everything needs!  I always loved to write for myself, create social media content, and also the concept of branding & marketing intrigued me the most while studying Business Management! All of it really aligned with my past experiences and interests.

Opting for Digital Marketing was for an add on to my skills but I also take this as an opportunity to express my views and use my skill to connect and collaborate with as many people I can. That’s the beauty and power of the Internet for me.

Thank you for stopping by & hearing me out. 

Nayomi S